Status and Prospect of the KOTO Experiment
Yu-Chen Tung1*, Yee Bob Hsiung1, Chieh Lin1
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yu-Chen Tung,
KOTO is the first experiment with the sensitivity of O(10-11) for probing new physics through measuring the K→π⁰νν decay. This decay, known as the "Golden Mode", has unprecedented sensitivities to new physics because of its CP-violating process and theoretical cleanness, which provides a clear scope for finding new physics by looking for a deviation of its decay amplitude from the Standard Model (SM) prediction of 3×10-11.

Recently, KOTO released the results of the 2016-2018 data and observed four events in the signal region with the central value of the decay probability higher than the SM prediction. In this talk, I will update the current status of the 2016-2018 analysis and the prospect for the future. 

Keywords: Rare decay, CP violation