The correlation of stellar super-flares and rotation phase on G-type stars
Wei-Jie Hou1*, Wing-Huen Ip1,2, Chia-Lung Lin1, Li-Ching Huang1
1Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Zhongli, Taiwan
2Institute of Space Science, National Central University, Zhongli, Taiwan
* Presenter:Wei-Jie Hou,
Solar flare was suggested to be related to the sun-spots based on previous observation of our sun. Superflares(flares with energy > 10³³ erg) on other stars were also discovered from lightcurve with high photometric precision observed by Kepler Mission. There is discrepancy between the correlation of our sun and M-type stars, the result is no correlation between flare occurrence rate and rotational phase on M-type stars. Thus, we investigate the correlation of solar-type stars from Kepler measurements and analysis flares of different energy intervals.

Keywords: superflares, star spots