In Situ Characterization for Bi2Te3 Nanomaterials
Rui-Pin Li1*
1材料與光電科學系, 國立中山大學, 高雄, Taiwan
* Presenter:Rui-Pin Li,
The layered structure materials show anisotropic transport properties and this material has a bandgap so that this layered material has indirect in multiple layers but the direct gap in a single layer. Many scholars do the research about how to synthesize Bi2Te3 with different morphologies to explore their special physical properties. On the other hand, the chemical solution process is a low-cost method for growing two-dimensional materials. In our study, two-dimensional Bi2Te3 are synthesized by a simple chemical solution process, then their detail growth mechanism has been investigated successfully. For exploring the growth model of Bi2Te3, some parameters are controlled precisely such as reaction time, the amount of precursors, and temperature. These experimental results of growth mechanism have been measured by SEM, TEM, and XRD.

Keywords: Bi2Te3, chemical solution process, 2D materials