Development and Characterization of portable smartphone-based imaging device
Soumyabrata Banik1*, Krishna K Mahato1, Nirmal Mazumder1
1Biophysics, Manipal School of Life Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Karnataka, India
* Presenter:Soumyabrata Banik,
Many diseases in rural areas and developing countries are detected late at an advanced stage, when treatment might involve complications and higher cost, causing greater fatalities. This study aims to make early disease detection simpler and affordable for people living in remote areas and developing countries. To ease disease detection and make it affordable a new age optical microscope with high sensitivity diagnosis is developed. In this study, a smartphone-based imaging device (SID) using optics. The device was built using acrylic sheets to make it less bulky and customizable and three-dimensional (3D) printed mechanical parts were used to increase stability. The study included fabrication of the device, calibration and testing with various samples to determine its capability. The device is able to achieve single cell resolution and magnification which is comparable to an optical microscope. Optimization of the resolution showed that the device is able to resolve up to 50 μm, which is a case similar to an optical microscope. The SID built was able to achieve a single cell resolution of 6 μm. The device also showed some optical aberrations and blurriness as magnification was increased.

Keywords: Imaging, Smartphone-device, BLIPS lens, Microscopy