Beyond the Moore’s law -- Disruptive and Revolutionary Era of Quantum Computer
Ching-Ray Chang1*
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
* Presenter:Ching-Ray Chang,
Quantum science was founded in Europe in the early twentieth century and then accelerates the understanding of the universe. Quantum science does have significant differences with classical macroscopic world. For example, the concept of probability and uncertainty not only causes great changes in science and technology, but also causes much discussions in humanities and philosophy. After the emergence of transistors and CMOS, and the Moore’s law, it causes the first quantum technology revolution, and electronics makes revolutionary changes in human life. Now Moore’s law is going to be ended for the limitation of nature. However, only a very small amount of knowledge in quantum science has been applied in current technologies. The quantum nature of superposition, entanglement and measurement are only recently been applied into quantum industries, and one major disruptive and revolutionary technology is quantum computer. This presentation will outline the importance and the possible impact of the emergence of quantum computers. Also the attitudes that industry and young people should have to face this second quantum technology revolution.

Keywords: Quantum computer, Quantum Gate, Quantum Algorithm