Beam stability issues at the Taiwan Photon Source for user operation
Chih-Hsien Huang1*
1Instrumentation & Control Group, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, HsinChu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chih-Hsien Huang,
High beam stability is extremely important for a low emittance storage ring such as the Taiwan Photon Source. There are many sources which may deteriorate the beam stability, such as mechanical vibrations, electrical, etc. These sources are hard to be completed eliminated for careful design. Systematical investigation is performed for the Taiwan Photon Source to dig out the possible sources which degrade beam stability. A method using inverse response matrix which obtains by singular value decomposition inversion of the Corrector-BPM response matrix was developed to quickly identify locations of multiple sources. Various electrical noises were identified and located including booster 3 Hz noise, mains interference nearby the radio frequency system and cooling fans for beam position monitors and bellows. Adequate measurement was applied to remove or to reduce the effects of these sources. Fast orbit feedback and feedforward correction are also used to suppress residue of various beam motion to ensure sub-micron beam stability from DC up to 300 Hz.

Keywords: Taiwan Photon Source, Beam stability