Absolute frequency of cesium 6S1/2-6D3/2 hyperfine transition with a precision to nuclear magnetic octupole interaction
Wang-Yau Cheng1*, Ting-Ju Chen1, Jeng-En Chen1
1Physics, National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan
* Presenter:Wang-Yau Cheng, email:wycheng@ncu.edu.tw
We have determined the fundamental frequency of the cesium atom 6S1/2-6D3/2 two-photon transition, for the first time, to our knowledge. Moreover, our high-resolution scheme made it possible to address the influence of the nuclear magnetic octupole on the hyperfine structure. We found that the octupole-interaction hyperfine constant deduced from the cesium 6D-level has a value nearly eight times larger than what deduced from the 6P-level. We also find that one two-photon transition bears no AC stark shift that is abnormal to general cases.

Keywords: AC stark shift, nuclear octupole moment, absolute frequency, two-photon transition, hyperfine