Transient dynamics in Luttinger leads coupled via a molecular quantum dot
Sung Po Chao1*, Narasimha Raju Chebrolu1
1Physics, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
* Presenter:Sung Po Chao,
We use Keldysh formalism to compute time dependent current of two Luttinger leads coupled with a molecular quantum dot. Modified Anderson-Holstein model is used to describe this system. The electron-phonon interaction within the dot is treated by Lang-Frisov transformation, changing the effective couplings and the dot electronic levels. Time dependent current is driven by a square pulse bias voltage, and transient time is analyzed with different electron electron interaction strengths in the leads. Regime of phonon assisted versus interaction driven suppression of tunneling is identified by different transient time with possible applications in time variant switching in electronic devices.

We acknowledge the funding support by Taiwan's MOST (106-2112-M-017 -002 -MY3).

Keywords: Luttinger liquids, electron phonon interaction, molecular quantum dot