Reduction of Beam Impedance in the Horizontal Stripline Kicker at TPS
Ping J. Chou1*, C.K. Chan1, C.C. Chang1, K.T. Hsu1, K.H. Hu1, C.K. Kuan1, I.C. Sheng2
1National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA
* Presenter:Ping J. Chou,
In preparation for 500 mA operation at the Taiwan Photon Source (TPS), we redesigned the horizontal stripline kicker for the beam feedback system to obtain a smaller beam impedance with higher shunt impedance. We introduced vertical vanes to this new design. The RF design of
the kicker has been thoroughly analysed with a 3-D electromagnetic simulation code GdfidL. The vertical vanes are effective in the suppression of the leakage of image current through the gap between two stripline electrodes. The loss factor of the proposed design is reduced by 20.6 % compared to the presently installed kicker. The shunt impedance of the proposed design is larger by a factor of 2.38 than for the installed kicker.

Keywords: impedance, stripline, kicker, loss factor, feedback