The Projection and Transmission X-ray Microscopy Endstation at Taiwan Photon Source (TPS)
Gung-Chian Yin1*, Bo-Yi Chen1, Chien-Yu Lee1, Ming-Ying Hsu1, Cheng-Liang Liao1
1Experimental Facility Division, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Ctr, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Gung-Chian Yin,
The x-ray imaging is the first application for x-ray in one hundred years ago. Now with the 3rd generation synchrotron source, the x-ray imaging capability is tremendously improved by the advancing of acquisition technique, detection technique, and data analysis techniques. For current technology, the high-resolution x-ray imaging is now able to reach spatial resolution 30 nm for transmission x-ray microscopy (TXM) (1,2). On the other hand, for high-speed x-ray imaging, the time resolution can be as high as serval tens of microseconds, and the tomography time resolution can be as high as 10 Hz(3) for the projection x-ray microscope (PXM). For the biomedical image, the phase contrast image is very helpful and can be obtained in both TXM and PXM.
At Taiwan Photon Source (TPS), a beamline projection for TXM and PXM with the above functionality is launched. The wiggler W100 is chosen for PXM and TXM beamline because its flux is higher than the bending magnet with about 100 times at 50 keV photon energy. The PXM beamline is designed for the energy range of 5 to 50 keV and The TXM is in the energy of 5-12 keV. This beamline will be ready for commission at the end of 2020, and the endstation will be commissioned in the coming year.
The capability for this beamline and endstation (PXM and TXM), include the sample environment, process method, automation system, and data process will be reported in this presentation. Primary results from our simplified PXM endstation at SPring-8 BL12B2 will be also demonstrated.

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Keywords: projection x-ray microscope, transmission x-ray microscopy, x-ray imaging, phase contrast