Inflationary Universe and Quantum Entanglement
David Ni1*
1Research and Development, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsin Chu, Taiwan
2R&D, ITRI, Hsin Chu, Taiwan
3R&D, Direxion Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:David Ni,
Recent efforts on fusion of quantum entanglement and inflationary cosmology are propelled by new observatory data, such as 2015 Planck data sets, and motivated by prevailing unified theories, such as string theories. From application perspective, quantum computing and cryptography become potential implementations for large-scale ultra high-speed computing and communications. These emerging trends attract significant injections of scientific researches on the details and clarifications of the evolving theories in these two frontier fields.

In this work, we present Nonlinear Lorentz Transformation (NLT) mapping to model earlier stage after Big Bang, and show that the solution sets are with momentum values at several orders higher than normalized unity (i.e., light speed) for all nonlinear degrees, which hereby proposed to model the inflationary phase. For higher-thandegree-2 NLT mapping, the solution sets are converged and bounded within the unity disc on the complex plane after few steps of iteration, while the global part of NLT mapping with degree = 2 showing the solution sets with the momentum values beyond the unity disc even under long-time evolution. This observation is proposed to model quantum entanglement, namely, the long distance coupling of quantum states is through interactions at speeds higher than light speed.

The Big-Bang singularity represents a composite NLT state of all nonlinear degrees, which not only induces inflationary phase, but also predictably forms large-scale structures at early stage of universe evolution. This prediction is just observed by ALMA recently that tens of elliptical galaxies formed about 10 billion ago.

In summary, the solution sets of global part of NLT mapping with degree = 2 maintain high-than-light-speed distributions of momentum triplet at Big Bang to inflationary era and beyond. Other NLT mappings contribute to normal energy transport as well as formation of cosmic structures as the current observations.

Keywords: Inflationary Universe, Quantum Entanglement, Nonlinear Lorentz Transformation, Dynamical System