Cosmic Dawn - Rise of the First Stars, Supernovae, and Galaxies
Ke-Jung Chen1*
1天文所, 中研院, 台北, Taiwan
* Presenter:Ke-Jung Chen,
One of the paramount problems in modern astrophysics is to understand the end of the cosmic dark ages when the first stars, supernovae, and galaxies reshaped the simple early universe into a state of ever-increasing complexity. Modern cosmological simulations suggest that the hierarchical assembly of dark matter halos provided the gravitational wells that allowed the primordial gases to form stars, supernovae, and galaxies inside them. These first luminous objects are naturally recognized as the initial building blocks of early Universe. In this talk, I will discuss the physics of formation of the first stars, galaxies, and supernovae by presenting the results from our simulations. I will also predict their observational signatures which will be examined by the forthcoming telescopes such as JWST and TMT.

Keywords: Supernovae, First Stars